A little catch up.

As usual I have continued to be pretty slack writing things up.  I’ve just been really busy the past few weeks.  Alongside my part time job I’m also doing I guess what you’d call an unpaid internship (god I feel 18 again) at Time Out Hong Kong.  It’s pretty good actually, minus the no pay situation.  The people are nice and I’ve been writing articles on things I possibly wouldn’t have had a go at – reviewing music for one.  Yes, I reviewed something and it wasn’t the usual 80s cheese that I blast out in the house.
This all means that I’ve been working a FIVE DAY week again.  What is that about?  How do people do a full week, I know I used to but I’ve completely forgotten how to function and do the little things outside work and partying (don’t worry guys I’m still getting my twice weekly minimum sessions in).  When did I have time to clean for example?  Or cook?  There have been many a takeaway going on and no time to work them off!

(irrelevant but a photo I wanted to share)

Also, I do feel as though a lot of my most recent extra-curricular activities are mainly drunken and so do not really require much reportage.  Girl goes out with new friends, drinks a lot in a variety of nice bars (I hasten to add that nice bars are normally the case apart from the few cheeky outings to Wan Chai or LKF), goes home late, wakes up next day in agony and vowing to not drink that much again.  Not hugely exciting.

Or if it isn’t drinking there is always food involved and I don’t really know how interesting that is for you to read about really – I mean there are enough food blogs/photos about without me adding my two pence worth too.

(Awesome chicken yakitori restaurant om nom)

But one thing I will tell you about is a cool night market I’ve visited.  It is happening over the weekends at a new shopping centre called PMQ.  In Hong Kong PMQ stands for the Police Married Quarters, not Prime Ministers Questions), and you guessed it, used to house the families of those working in the force.  The building has been renovated and it is going to house a variety of boutique shops (thanking whoever I need to here that it isn’t yet more luxury designer goods – there’s enough of that in HK as is), artist studios and restaurants.  Not everything is open yet but in the meantime they’ve organised a weekend night market in the courtyard area which is brilliant.   There’s live music, food, drink and pop up stalls selling lovely trinkets, clothing and great design pieces.

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