Beat Three Ways

This week has been a monster.  I am beat.  I was hoping that the return to work wouldn’t be too stressful, but the reality is that I work in marketing and the start of the year is when plans are made and everyone wants to get things on track for the year ahead.  I’m probably not helped by the fact that I’m also buggering off back to the UK at the end of the month and need to get everything finished before I go.  You probably might say that’s your own fault right now!

So whilst I feel beat, and the dark nights are getting a little chilly in Honky (don’t worry it’s still not cold enough to issue a warning yet!) I thought I’d make the most of one of my favourites – the humble beet(root).

I always love heading down to my local wet market in Shek Tong Tsui.  I’m a bit of a creature of habit and always head to the same stall.  It’s nice to see the familiar faces and get my “free for you lah” chillis, corriander or spring onions!  The veggies are fresh and decently priced – I love it!  I know that some people are rightly concerned about where the veggies have come from and the possibility of chemicals used during production, but with me not being a millionaire who is willing to buy the expensive organic stuff (normally flown into HK and more expensive than organic produce in the UK) it does me, and many others, just fine.  Plus I’d rather shop at the market than the supermarkets.  You can read a decent article about HK greens here if you want to find out more.

So what have I made?  I’m really excited because with just four beetroots we’ve managed to feed ourselves for three days (including lunch) and it will probably go on for much longer.  We made a delicious and vibrant beetroots and tomato soup and then with the left over leaves – some beetroot pesto!  Yes pesto with the leaves.  It really is yum, you whack it in the food processor with some walnuts, olive oil and a bit of garlic and there you have it!  A handy way to use up all the leftover leaves which I always feel so wasteful throwing out.  You can check out the recipe I found here on the Go Green HK blog.

There you have it, the fruits of our labour and beets three ways – soup, pesto and me being thoroughly shattered!

Confession:  I must give credit to the old Joe B for being an excellent Head Chef.  I did contribute though, honest!  I made the pesto, and roasted the veg before it went in the soup 😉

Stars xxx




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