About Star of Sorts

Perhaps I should start with why the name, Star of Sorts?  My real name is Nastasia, but pretty much my whole life my family have been calling me Stars of Starzie.  So in a bit of  “all girls are princesses” type moment, I’m saying that all Nastasias are Stars, kinda.

So now that’s out of the way – what about the blog?  Well I started it when I first moved to Hong Kong, as a way of documenting my journey and to be honest, the writing fell by the wayside as soon as I got my first full-time work gig.  It’s been 18 months and I’ve found that I miss writing for it.  So the 2016 plan is to keep it up!

No specific content, a bit of a jumble of everything that is going on in my life and a way of keeping my friends and family across the world updated on my journey.  Expect stories of HK life, travel, style and maybe even the odd recipe.  We’ll see if I can even keep this writing malarky up!



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