Ladies what lunch

I had such a divine Sunday that I just had to tell you all about.  We had tea at The Pen dah-lings.  What, you say?  Well, we took high tea at The Peninsula Hotel, a traditional colonial staple.

I was pretty excited about going because it is pretty infamous over here.  In the book I recently read, Gweilo – a memoir from a young ex-pat in Hong Kong , it was frequently mentioned and I had no idea it still existed until we looked into going for afternoon tea.  We did have to queue for an hour but you know it was worth it, the food and tea were divine.  It was so quintessentially English and it was so romantic taking tea in such a grand old building – I haven’t had anything quite so reminiscent of old England since our arrival four months ago.

We followed up our classy activity with ice-skating.  I have to admit, I am a pretty piss-poor skater at the best of times, and this rink was riddled with pot holes which did not help my plight in the slightest!  Nonetheless, a lot of fun was had, and we all went home pretty worn out.