Not purple rain, black!

This update has been long overdue!  Have done quite a bit over the past week or so…

Firstly I experienced my first crazy Hong Kong weather storm.  Every so often here the observatory issues severe weather warnings, and the weekend that passed was my first black rain experience.  Black rain being the hardest and heaviest storm warning before you go into things like typhoons (I’ll be cacking my pants when that happens!).  I can only say how happy I was to be indoors at the time, because it was seriously crazy!  The hail stones were the size of golf balls and hurtled to ground with such force that they broke the roof of a shopping centre!  Yes really, the water all caved in, luckily no one was hurt.  My friend Joey’s bus was diverted because of trees in the road and it took her ages to get back home to safety.  Although all the madness of the storm was unfolding, there was something kind of cool about being able to watch it from the comfort of your own home.  Nothing like a good to storm to wake you up and remind you of that fear you felt as a kid.  I just felt sorry for people who were caught out in it.  actually that reminds me, what is all this I have been reading about London smog?  I thought the bad air quality was the sort of thing that was going to get me but so far no sign of it over here.  Looks bizarre.

My new job has been going well!  I’ve already taken part in one beer tasting (staff training obviously) and heading to a second tonight.  I need to know what I’m selling of course.  I totally fell in love with a stout by Evil Twin called Imperial Biscotti Break.  God it was like heaven, I could have drank it all evening.  It was quite chocolatey but not in a horrible gimmick way, in a very very tasty and good way.  I’ve bought a bottle and going to open it on a special occasion.  I must admit I’ve been under the weather recently so I’m hoping that I won’t get taken down too quickly in the tasting tonight.  We tasting beers from Jolly Pumpkin, Little Creature and Belhaven to name a few.

Talking of drinking the good stuff, we also went to a really cool restaurant the other night in Sheung Wan called Little Bao.  This was hipster food paradise!  Basically the shop is seriously small and the only place to sit is either on bar stools around the edge of the shop or around when the magical cooking happens.  Basically instead of batches (okay buns baps whatever) you have the bao, and inside there is a variety of amazing filling I had a fish bao and Joe had a spicy chicken one.  The best bit though was desert…  Deep fried mini bao with  slice of slated caramel ice cream in the middle – hello!  Will if you make it out here to Hong Kong this place is definitely right up your street.

Feeling nervous…NEW JOB ALERT!

Hey guys, so today is my last official day as a full time tai tai, and instead I’m going to be going part time, because of I’ve got a new job kiddos!  Now it is very different to what I’ve done in the past, no TV crews or trips to Africa for me, but that’s okay.  I’ve said since day one of the job hunt out here that I didn’t want to necessarily keep on the producer role, and instead look for something equally as fun that will give me a new challenge and a chance to pick up some new skills. 

With that in mind, I have taken a job working as a Sales and Communications Manager for a small craft beer distribution company called The Bottle Shop!  What does that entail I hear you ask?  Well selling our beers to various locations around town, working with our current client base to help market our products and a bit of PR in terms of getting our brand out there.  I’m feeling pretty nervous as it is all new to me, but as you are all aware I’m quite a fan of beer and felt that this would be an enjoyable and exciting role that suits a boozer like me.

I’ve already tasted some of the wares at the Beertopia festival last weekend and they are off the hook!  At the moment what I know is that they taste good, but like fine wine, craft beer is also an art and I’m going to quickly get pretty au fait with all our stock.  We even distribute Sipsmith too which is an awesome score – Aoife I know you’ll be pretty pleased about that!  I’m hoping it will also help me get to know more awesome places to eat and drink in around the HK, so expect new posts on tasty treats and the like too. 

The only thing I’m a bit worried about its the commute as they are based in Sai Kung which can take up to an hour and a half to get to, depending on traffic.  I’m hoping I’ll perfect the run time down a T though.  So far in life I’ve always had the luxury of a half hour ish commute, I know I’ve been spoiled.  But, what makes up for it though is how beautiful Sai Kung is – a small town next to the sea so lots of fresh seafood and artsy shops.  Little taster pic below…

I will leave you with one tip: Try a beer called The Big Smoke by the 8Wired brewery in New Zealand.  The beer is smoked, yes smoked, think applewood cheese or smokey bacon as a comparison.  The flavour will literally blow you away, I have never tasted anything like it.  That is my “Stars who doesn’t know the finer details of craft beer YET” opinion.  However, I can assure you that I will be getting more technical in the coming weeks and be talking hops, nodes, aromas and ABVs before you know it!

Wish me luck xxx