The Obligatory New Year’s Post – in books!

It would be weird to somehow ignore the fact that it is January and everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions.  As per usual I have the classic resolutions down pat – visit the gym more, eat healthily and generally be less of a drunken lazy ass and be more motivated to do things (notice the blog posts popping up?!).

But I’d also really like to read some good books this year.  So here’s a list of the books I’m hoping to get round to devouring in 2016.


My humble bookcase – in my defense I left most my books in the UK and i give a lot of them away!

The Pillow Book, by Sei Shonagon – I’m starting a bit heavy here!  This is a reflection of Japanese court life.  Why is it on the list?  Because it was quoted a lot in a book I read this year that I adored.  Will let you know if it’s a bit too heavy!

The Island, by Victoria Hislop – I read The Thread some years back which was a bit nostalgic for me as it was set in Thessaloniki where I spent a year at uni.  I’ve heard Victoria’s first novel is just as wonderful, and I’m hoping it’ll get me with a bit of Greek nostalgia once again.

The Year of the Runaways, by Sunjeev Sahota – Thought this might be a rather relevant read following the mass forced emigration of Syrian citizens.

Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, by Salman Rushdie – Having read and adored Midnight’s Children and Shalimar the Clown I thought I’d best give Salman’s new novel a shot.

The Seed Collectors, by Scarlett Thomas – Not sure exactly what I’m attracted to in this – perhaps the lure of celebrity and a nice story?  Or that’s what I’m hoping!

The Green Road, by Anne Enright – A reflection of childhood memories the story sees siblings return for a last Christmas at their childhood home which their mother is selling.  This year we have made the decision to sell the family flats in Athens which is why this might be poignant.

The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion – This one has been recommended by my lovely mum as an easy can’t put down read.  Nuff said.

Love, Nina by Nina Stibbe – It’s letters, from the 80s.  Two of my things I am rather fond of, high hopes for this little gem.

Traveller’s Year, by Travis Elborough – Okay another letters book but I’m finishing on this one now i promise.  Seeing as these past few years are all about travels it might be good to see where some started.  It also got me thinking, I wonder if I should collate all the postcards I’ve sent to mum and nan?!

And there’s a few on the new releases list that are catching my roving eye – in particular Half a Lifelong Romance by Eileen Chan and Blackass by A. Igoni Barett.

The Best of 2015

If you’re looking for reading inspo, my three favourites from 2015 were:

My Year of Meats, by Ruth Ozeki – One of my favourite authors who has inspired by to read The Pillow Book (above).  This was the book that first got me thinking about not eating meat, but I promise this isn’t a veggie ranting cause book!  It documents a TV producer’s year working on a series about meat and recipes in the US.

Survival in the Killing Fields, by Haing Ngor with Roger Warner A tough but very important read.  I was inspired to read this after visiting Cambodia, and it is truly harrowing.  I cannot even begin to comprehend what Ngor and so many others went through.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skoot – A book that talks sciences, yes science, that I loved!  This is the story of the lady whose cells have been used to make numerous medical breakthroughs.

What are you going to be reading in 2016 and do you have any recommendations to add to my list?