Trams are Cool

I realise I haven’t done a proper update for a few days and there is one in the making.  In the meantime though I would like to share with you my joy of riding trams in Hong Kong. 

I think the last time I went on a tram was in Greece, both their new ones and the big old yellow ones.  The trams in Hong Kong are just so cute and little and seriously vintage.  Inside there are old wooden beams and you can feel the whole thing move as people get on and off it.  I was just missing my bag of boiled sweets and suitable head wear.

We were lucky enough to get a ride at the front and the view is amazing!  Joe as a bit of a train geek, I think could have spent the whole day on it.  And at $2.30 a journey (around 18p!) they are great value.  Although don’t expect to get anywhere fast on them, I swear they only go up to around 15mph, well maybe 20 at a push.


I still haven’t got on a tram yet, this is on my serious to do list.  I have got on one of the crazy public light buses which are mini buses but more like people carriers – they did feel a lot safer than their African counter parts but I’m told not to be fooled!!